G Adventures China Family Adventure

14 days from Beijing to Hong Kong

Start packing for this 14 day tour from Beijing to Hong Kong visiting Hong Kong and China with G Adventures.

Length 14 Days
Group Size Small Group - Max 20, Avg 12
Age Group
Category Family
Price From $3,152 AUD*


China is that rare place that looks to the future while embracing its past. Come see where it’s been and where it’s headed on this incredible 14-day adventure through times both ancient and modern. Starting in Beijing, you’ll stop in at the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall before departing to Xi’an for a summit with the Terracotta Warriors. Later, enjoy three days in the rugged beauty of rural Yangshuo before winding it all up in bustling Hong Kong. In China, the future – and the past – is now.


Visit the Great Wall and Beijing's monuments, encounter Terracotta Warriors, cycle through karst landscapes, wander Hong Kong's vibrant streets, see pandas in Chengdu.


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  • Day 1
    Day 1 Beijing (1D)

    Arrive in Beijing at any time today as there are no planned activities. The group will meet at 6pm. Please check for a notice from your Tour Leader. Following the meeting, we head out into the city to eat some delicious Beijing delights with your new group. Our dinner tonight is the traditional specialty, as we enjoy some delicious Peking Duck. Included Activities: Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting Transport: Private Vehicle

  • Day 2
    Day 2 Beijing (1B, 1L)

    Day 2 takes us exploring the Forbidden City and its corridors and buildings. Stand in the heart of Tiananmen square, and find out about the significance of these places to modern day Chinese. In the afternoon, visit the Temple of Heaven, which is a refuge for Chinese retirees who practice water calligraphy, tai chi, or walk pet crickets here. Tour the temple itself and learn the history of this intricate structure, historically used only twice a year. Included Activities: Forbidden City Tour Tiananmen Square Hutong Walk Temple of Heaven

  • Day 3
    Day 3 Beijing (1B)

    Head out of town to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. Spend time wandering around, taking photos, and picking up souvenirs. Included Activities: Orientation Walk Great Wall Mutianyu Visit Transport: Private Vehicle (1.00 hour(s)) Private Vehicle (2.00 hour(s))

  • Day 4
    Day 4 Beijing/Xi'an (1B)

    After a free morning in Beijing, board a comfortable overnight sleeper that arrives into Xi'an early the following morning. Transport: Basic overnight train (beds) (12.00-15.00 hours)

  • Day 5
    Day 5 Xi'an (1B, 1L)

    Arrive into Xi'an in the morning, and after taking time to refresh in the hotel, rent bikes and head out onto the city walls. Xi'an is surrounded by well-preserved walls, and because these are flat, its easy to cycle around them. After our trip, walk around the Muslim Quarter, packed with stalls and shops. Included Activities: Cycling Xi'an City Walls Muslim Quarter Orientation Walk

  • Day 6
    Day 6 Xi'an (1B, 1L)

    Visit the famous Terracotta Warriors, built over 2,000 yrs ago to protect the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, approximately 1 hr from town. Over 6,000 life-size warriors have been discovered. Spend half a day exploring this archaeological wonder before we return to Xi'an for the evening. Included Activities: Terracotta Warriors Guided Tour Transport: Private Vehicle

  • Day 7
    Day 7 Xi'an/Chengdu (1B, 1D)

    Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, is a city of almost 12 million people, which still manages to retain some of its older characteristics and traditions. One of these traditions is the Sichuan Opera. The singing, comedy, puppetry, and incredible 'changing faces' act performed as part of the opera are a feast for the eyes. Hotpot is a very local way to have a meal. We sit around a table with a pot built in the middle – the pot is divided into 2 halves (spicy vs. non-spicy usually). The restaurants flavoured soup is added and brought to a boil, then we can start adding our food in the pot to cook ( including vegetable, meat or fish). The table also offers various sorts of herbs, spices, oil etc so you can make your own soup to taste. Transport: Bullet train (3.50-4.00 hours)

  • Day 8
    Day 8 Chengdu (1B, 1L)

    In the morning, visit the Giant Panda Breeding Center. In the afternoon, explore the historic town of Huanglongxi. The Qing dynasty buildings in the town have been preserved in their original style, and it retains the charm and style of years passed. Wandering around Huanglongxi can make you feel that you have gone back in time. Included Activities: Giant Panda Breeding Center Town of Huanglongxi Visit

  • Day 9
    Day 9 Chengdu/Yangshuo (1B)

    Enjoy a free morning in Chengdu before we fly to the city of Guilin. From the airport, transfer 2 hrs to the village town of Yangshuo. This will undoubtedly rate as one of your favorite spots in China. The scenery is spectacular, surrounded by limestone karsts with a river running through the rice fields. Transport: Plane (1.50 hour(s)) Private Vehicle (1.50-2.00 hours)

  • Day 10
    Day 10 Yangshuo (1B, 1D)

    Enjoy a cruise along the Li River, which snakes its way through the region. The unique landscape, with karst peaks towering over the river and poking through the mist, makes for a beautiful ride. Along the way, keep a lookout for local fishermen, who use coromrants to catch fish. Additional Notes: We have included the services of a 2nd CEO here in Yangshuo to give parents and kids time to enjoy different activities. There will be something for all of you to talk about at the end of the day. Included Activities: Xing Ping Li River Bamboo Raft Jia Community Restaurant Transport: Ferry (0.50-1.00 hours)

  • Day 11
    Day 11 Yangshuo (1B)

    There is lots of free time in Yangshuo as there are a wide variety of activities that you and your family might want to do. During free time visit a cooking school in a picturesque setting, do tai chi by the river, learn calligraphy and painting, shop in the local markets, walk along the river, swim, or just spend time soaking up the scenery in one of the many tempting cafes around town. If you want a bit more active option, take a cycle ride through the fields with a local guide, and be rewarded by a delicious local lunch. Try beer fish, garlic fried water spinach, and stuffed aubergine!

  • Day 12
    Day 12 Yangshuo/Hong Kong (1B)

    Relax in Yangshuo before transferring to Guilin and across the border to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, enjoy an orientation walk around town. Included Activities: Border Crossing (China - Hong Kong) Orientation Walk Transport: Private Vehicle (1.50-2.00 hours) Local train (3.50 hour(s))

  • Day 13
    Day 13 Hong Kong (1B)

    Take the Star Ferry across the water to climb Victoria Peak, and admire the spectacular views over the whole city. In the evening, head down to the harbour front to watch the incredible lightshow -- it illuminates the entire skyline of Kowloon. Included Activities: Star Ferry Victoria Peak with Tram

  • Day 14
    Day 14 Hong Kong (1B)

    Depart at any time. Included Activities: Departure Day


Your G for Good Moment: Jia Community Restaurant, Yangshuo Your Discover Moment: Yangshuo. Arrival transfer. Trip to the Great Wall of China, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square guided tour. Temple of Heaven tour. Orientation walk of Xi'an. Cycling in Xi'an. Terracotta Warrior tour. Giant Panda Breeding Center visit. Town of Huanglongxi visit. Li River cruise. Victoria Peak. Orientation walk in Hong Kong.

Tour Guide

Chief Experience Officer (CEO) throughout, local guides


13 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners

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Hotels (13 nts), sleeper train (1 nt)


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